Physical Design Engineer Manager


We are looking for a senior physical design engineer or engineering manager who can lead a PD team for SOC PD implementation. We expect he/she can handle P&R/Physical Verification well. And Excellent communication is a must.


Key Responsibilities:

You will work with experienced design team to deliver advanced 3D image camera SOC chip. You need to try and feedback any risk from PD point of view in developing stage. You will work closely with our design team to achieve the best PPA in our SOC. You need to handle complex SOC floorplan and guide block owners how to solve the timing and routing issues from top down view of SOC. You also need to apply low power and high speed design flow. This is a netlist to GDS out task and you are asked to be familiar with whole stages.




● Master or PHD. 7+ years of PD related experience.

● Perform physical design implementation: from Netlist to GDS

● Low power/high speed design/SOC top experience

● 16/14 nm or more advanced node implementation experience

● Experienced in tcl programming

● Good Physical verification experience (DRC/LVS/Antenna) is a plus

● Power Analysis (EM/IR) is a plus 

● Project management or PD team leader experience is a plus

● Good communication, self-motivated, and able to work as a team player

2021年12月13日 16:25

Physical Design Engineer Manager (上海/南京)